Why use www.getpayslips.com?

Benefits of our Online Payslips service for both employee and employers are explained below:

  1. Increased efficiency with no more paperand no more lost documents.
  2. 24 hour access to employees latest and historic online payslips via user login means there is no need to contact the payroll department for copies of lost payslips.
  3. Easy access to proof of earnings when required for mortgages and other financial applications.
  4. Electronic Payslips - A familiar format that replicates the traditional printed payslip.
  5. Easy access to scanned copy of paper paylsips.
  6. The ability to download, save or print payslips directly from mobile or desktop computer.

I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

Click Here to retreive your password.

Can payslips be accessed on mobile devices?

Yes, you can access your documents by logging in to your account Click Here, Download area under your account will have your purchased documents for downloads. These documents are in pdf format and therefore your mobile device will require pdf document opener software.

How do you generate the payslips?

Your payslips are generated by the qualified accountant using the HMRC approved accounting software. Before we deliver your payslips, our delegated accountant checks all the details very carefully and then compute those details via accounting softwares. It just doesnt stop here. The accountant then manually cross check all the figures and tax deductions.

How can I view my previous purchased payslips?Y

You can view your previous or new payslips by logging in to your account Click Here, and clicking the download button on the right hand side of the relevant order under order history.

I think my details in the document is wrong?

If you think there are any issues with your Payslips or P60 please log in to your account and send us a secure message.

How long will my online payslip be available to view for?

You will always be able to access your most recent payslip online, plus all previous online payslips.

Do I need to install any new software to access my online payslip?

The online payslip uses a PDF reader to enable you to view your payslip. Therefore if you are using a non-managed machine you must install a pdf reader in order to view your pay slip.

How will I receive my payslip?

The payslips will be uploaded under your account. You will get an email notification once the document is uploaded.

My mortgage lender and/or bank requires a hard copy of my payslips, can I receive paper payslips if required?

You can either buy paper version of payslips for employees or you can simply ask to generate a paper verion in an event you have purchased the email only version of payslips. However there will be an additional cost to do so.