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A P60 document is an annual statement, issued by the employer to the employee. It contains all the tax and insurance paid by the employee during the previous tax year. You should give P45 instead of P60 to the employees who have left their jobs in the mid of the tax year. If the owner of a company does not provide P60 to his employees by 31 May, then he may have to pay hefty fines. A P60 document contains important information such as the name of the employee, national insurance number, gross pay, tax paid by him/her, national insurance contributions from current employment, statutory pay, & student loan deductions. It works as evidence in many situations such as when applying for a mortgage and loan, while renting a property, or in any project where there is a possibility of asking for proof of your salary. Due to this reason, it is considered a very important document. Order Replacement P60

We offer P60 in potrait layouts  Although it is found in two colors: blue and orange, but its orange form is more popular. All of them contain the same information, only the format is different. Its Orange layout has become the default form in recent years. It is very likely to be received from 2015 onwards but this doesn’t mean that other styles have ceased to be used, these are still using.

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