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Above 20 years of experience in the payroll industry and with exceptionally experienced team, we are ready to take your payroll job onboard instantly. We work 24*7 to provide outstanding customers’ satisfaction.

Every employee is entitled to receive the breakdown of their net salary and tax deduction; therefore, every organisation is responsible to provide payslips either in electronic version or paper version. We offer online payslips, a convenient way for employees to download their payslips instantly. It is also very beneficial to have payslips online, why? If you ever lose your payslips, you can instantly download duplicate payslips by login into our payslip’s portal. We keep employee’s data safe and confidential, and our website is completely encrypted for safe and secure transaction.

In UK, payslips is the most important document showing proof of earnings. Mortgage applications, rental applications, visa applications, all these territories require payslips as proof of income from the applicants. Without payslips banks, landlords and other authorities auto decline applications and therefore it extends organisations responsibility to provide payslips to their employees.

No doubt current economic crisis have made big payroll companies unaffordable. Here at we understand not every customer can afford payroll service and therefore we offer our payslips in single and multiple quantities. There are no monthly set fees and all you pay for is what you buy.

We provide three types of payslips online: Standard Payslip, Payslip with Employee Address, & Payslip with Employee & Employer Address. in each type of these payslips we provide two versions - epayslip and paper version. So, select any of these according to your requirement and need. You can order Online Payslips

Quite often we are asked if we can provide employees replacement payslips. If you have been provided the payslips using our services then you can simply request its copy, however if this is the first time you are using our service then we would not have employee details stored with us and therefore can’t provide replacement wage slip.

To buy online wage slip, all you need to do is place payslip order online. Fill up a small form with employers and employees’ salary details and we will produce a duplicate wage slip for your employee. We highly recommend reviewing the payslip details before making the payment. Please use additional information section to provide us any extra information which might be missing in the payslip form.

If you are finding any difficulty filling payslip form or unsure of any information then simply email us the following information to and we will offer bespoke service and prepare the order for you. Please provide, Employers name, Employees name (Mr/Mrs/Etc), Employee address, NI number,  employers payment mode (BACS/CASH Etc) , number of months payslips required, payslip date(s), net or gross / monthly or annual salary. 

We have several delivery options; you may want to select the one fit best as per you need.

We offer same day service at no extra cost. Please visit our customer review page to check outstanding ratings that we have received from our existing customers.

In addition to payslips, we can also offer p60 and p45 at affordable prices.

Please note we do not share yours and your payslip information with HMRC or any other third party. It is the responsibility of employer to update HMRC unless we are specifically asked to do so.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can payslip be used as proof of address

If an organisation / a company asking an employed person to provide payslips as proof address, then the payslips can be used as proof of address. Not all the payslips have employee’s address and therefore it is in best interest of employee to ask the employer to provide payslips with employee address.

Can payslip be edited

An employer is under obligation to provide correct payslips to the employees. If there is an error within payslip, then the employer should request its payroll company to re-produce the payslips with correct information and calculations. Please note the information can only be corrected and the new document / payslips will be produced which will void any other payslips provided to employee for that given pay period.

Are payslips a legal requirement

Yes, by law it is mandatory for an employer to provide its employee their payslips showcasing tax deductions and take-home salary figure. In an absence of payslips, an employee is entitled to demand payslips from the employer. In an event where the employer refuse to provide the payslip, the employee has all the rights to take legal action against the employer.

Are payslips confidential

Yes, payslips are highly confidential document and should only be shown to accredited bonafide parties legally interested in knowing employees take home pay. In many cases payslips hold sensitive information like employees pay, loan deductions, student load deductions, maternity allowance etc which an individual might not want to disclose to other employees. Keeping employee payslips information confidential is paramount for a payroll company and under strict guidelines of GDPR rules and regulation. A payroll company can be fined for not securing the information.

Are payslips proof of employment

If you are employed whether part time or full time, you will be provided a payslip. The presence of payslips confirms that the individual is in employment. However, it doesn’t confirm if the employment is full time or a part time.

Which payslips for maternity allowance

All the payslips can include maternity allowance. However, it is employers’ job to inform the payroll company about all the allowances an employee is entitle of.

How can i get payslip

Payslips are sent through email or post. Largely the payslips are sent via email. This gives an employee instant access to their payslips and to contact the payroll company instantly in an event of any error that might have occurred.

When will my payslip be available

Generally, most payslips are available to download immediately. offer same day service. For our regular customers we run the payroll at the end of each month and the payslips are ready on the last day of the month which employees can download immediately. If you have placed an ad-hoc order, then the payslips will be ready on the same day. We offer same day service to our ad-hoc customers.

Payslip where to buy

Buy payslips online from, the number one online payroll company. With thousands of satisfied customers Get Payslips is ready to provide confidential same day service at unbeatable price.

Payslip for self employed

Self-employed individuals are welcome to apply for payslips however it is your responsibility to inform and pay taxes to HMRC.

Do you file taxes to HMRC

Yes, at an additional cost we would file taxes to HMRC on employer’s behalf however it is not mandatory to use us for filing taxes. The tax amounts are clearly displayed on payslip which can be paid by your employer directly to HMRC instead of using us. We will only provide the payslips and taxes can be dealt with by the employer and not us.