Get Replacement Payslips Using Online Payslip Service

01 Jan 2023


What is the purpose of replacement payslip


This article highlights the importance of replacement payslips and under what circumstances should you use online payslip service to get replacement payslip. If you have lost payslip following are the questions you should be asking


  1. how to establish who is responsible for replacing a lost or damaged payslip?
  2. how to arrange a replacement payslip or tell the customer how to replace the payslip?
  3. how to deal with the lending application that is delayed because of a lost or damaged payslips.


how to establish who is responsible for replacing a lost or damaged payslip?


If the payslips are lost or damaged after being posted to the employee by an employer

The employer is then liable for the loss or damage, and they must be contacted by an employee for the replacement.


If the employee was not present to accept the payslips delivery by post and was returned by the courier and the employer paid for Tracked Delivery, the employer is not responsible for replacing the payslip and the employee must apologise and send a formal request by post or email requesting to replace payslips.


how to arrange a replacement payslip or tell the employer how to replace the payslip?


When this happens, you (the employee) must:

  1. Call the payroll department and tell them: that on the way to their delivery address, their payslips were damaged
  2. if the delivered envelope was not empty but the payslips could not be validated) or lost (if the envelope was empty) they must try and get replacement payslips by post again.
  3. An employee sends their employer an email to explain where they must send their duplicate payslips.
  4. If the payslips were lost or damaged by Royal Mail or courier in transit, receiving payslips by hand will be the quickest and easiest way.


If an employer refuses to give a replacement payslip, tell them that: the company registered within the UK is lawfully responsible to provide payslips to its employee. If the employer agrees to replace the payslip, the employee must send a letter in writing to request the replacement payslip and authorising the employer to arrange a replacement payslip however it may take longer to get a replacement.


If the employer is no longer in business, then feel free to use online payslip service which is the quickest and fastest way of getting replacement payslips.



When a lost or damaged payslip delays a lending application

This section explains how to deal with situations when the lost or damaged payslip delays the lending application.


If the lender has lost or damaged your payslips and adversely causing delays in the issue of a loan, you must check with the lending company if the replacement payslip is needed from you to complete or progress the application. You can then request additional replacement payslip from your employer expecting it to be dealt with in a timely manner.




This article has been prepared to explain the process for dealing with payslip that are lost or damaged. Make it clear to the payroll Management team that they must deal with replacing the payslips. In the first instance contact your HR or payroll department If you have any questions about the payslips and if your line manager cannot help you or think that the payslip has factual or formatting errors like (wrong pay, spelling mistakes and so on) or have any comments about the bonuses or commission.